Teaching For Success e-Mentor Program for Adjunct Faculty

The NFSC Partners with Higher Ed Institutions
to Mentor and Recognize Adjunct Faculty

Do Want Your Adjunct Instructors Just to Conduct Classes:
Or Do You Want Them to Teach For Success?

Individual Faculty TFS Program [Note: Link will be activated by January 1, 2015]

John H. Shrawder Introduces the TFS Program


Teaching Success Factor Wheel

John H. Shrawder, Executive Director and founder of Teaching For Success,
introduces the new Teaching For Success, e-Mentor Program

With a TFS Adjunct e-Mentor Program faculty can
develop professionally, grow personally, and achieve with increased

clarity, competency, and confidence.

Three Steps to Greater Faculty and Student Success

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3. Order Now and Recognize the Crucial Role
Your Adjunct Faculty Play on Behalf
of Your Institution and its Students?




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