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TFS Faculty Development
Enables Institutions to Help Faculty
Expand Instructional Design Smarts
and Intensify Advanced People Skills

Good Faculty Development Means
Faculty Learn How to Teach For Success and Retention

Students are more diverse, demanding, and needful than ever.
They quickly drop classes or disengage from learning
when their needs and expectations are not met.

TFS specializes in helping subject matter expert instructors who have not formally studied the nature of adult education, the principles of teaching and learning from cognitive science, or best practices realized from decades of teaching experience.

Today, it is not enough if adjuncts to know their subject thoroughly. If adjuncts are to successfully serve institutions and retain students, they must have high-quality people skills and excellent instructional design and delivery smarts. For the noneducational major adjuncts, Teaching For Success, unpacks and explains the value of these two must-know skill sets of higher education teaching. It translates learned-experience into easy to understand nuggets of best thinking and best practice.

TFS is designed to meet the particular needs of faculty who have not studied higher education and pedagogy. It will resonate particularly with faculty who are goal setters and high achievers. These faculty will love and resonate with TFS.

With TFS, your instructors can select and engage with resources of need and personal interest. You will give them a 1,600-page e-library of crucial teaching skills, strategies, and solutions. Best of all for adjuncts they can learn teaching skills without having to slog through often off-putting and often boring theoretical discussions.

TFS is designed to elicited action.
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for All of Your Institution's Faculty

Some of the Success-Oriented Institutions Choosing TFS to Support Their Faculty

TFS is all about student success— boost learning and completion.

The Passion Driving TFS

Working as Department Chair, I was amazed to discover a significant proportion of the adjunct faculty in my department had not learned the essentials. They just taught the way they were taught—for good or bad. Many students became disappointed and quit. So I decided to do something about it. Now I want to help you reach and engage students in completing courses After all, why should students pay the price of poor teaching?

That is why I created the Teaching For Success Program. It's designed to help your faculty succeed by giving you the tools to help them improve their skills. Click the arrow below to enjoy the TFS Program Introductory Video.

Jack Shrawder Introduction Video to TFS by John Shrawder, Executive Director

Isn't it time to value and empower your faculty?
TFS is the practical way to assist instructors to:

A TFS Story…

The information provided is so on target. I can relate to each comment. It seems that I have misplaced my focus and have, perhaps forgotten why I wanted to teach. It became a chore because I was more concerned about errors, instead of my purpose and how it may impact students.
Upon reading this information, I realized that I have a lot to learn about my delivery, and my students. They have become disruptive and defiant. I wondered about how to get them back on track, but I had no resolution.

Your [TFS] teaching tools are a life saver. I don't know if you remember, I was worried about losing my job and my students were threatening to go to the Dean. Look at me, now. I have found what my students need from me. They are benefiting from your Program and from what I've learned through you. I love my students and they are just awesome. Thank you so much for your guidance and information.

~A.Scott, Adjunct Instructor

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The TFS Road Map

Success-Factor Teaching Support Structure

The TFS Program

The Right Question to Ask. What if it does work?

Your institutional annual access secured with a purchasing card provides immediate access to 13-Sections of great teaching resources. Execute Director, John H. Shrawder has overseen the creation of 1,600 pages of ideas, strategies, principles, and recommendations all designed to help your institution's faculty become more skilled, valuable, and appreciated.

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