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Possibility, Opportunity, Satisfaction

Students are more diverse, demanding, and needful than ever.
They quickly drop classes and disengage from learning
when their needs and expectations are not met.

The expanding use of untrained and insufficiently supported
adjunct faculty is a contributing risk factor.

Today, it is not enough if adjuncts to know their subject thoroughly. If adjuncts are to successfully serve institutions and retain students, they must have high-quality people skills and excellent instructional design and delivery smarts. For the noneducational major adjuncts, Teaching For Success, unpacks and explains the value of these two must-know skill sets of higher education teaching. It translates learned-experience into easy to understand nuggets of best thinking and best practice.

TFS is designed to meet the particular needs of faculty who have not studied higher education and pedagogy. It will resonate with Faculty who are goal setters and high achievers will love and resonate with TFS. Procrastinators and good-enoughers will likely not.

With TFS, your instructors can select and self-study resources of need and interest from a 1,600-page e-library of crucial teaching skills, strategies, and solutions. Best of all for adjuncts they can learn teaching skills without having to slog through off-putting and often boring theoretical discussions.

TFS is designed to help you meet your doer instructors' needs for support and mentoring at low cost and with little staff time required to manage the effort.

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Why Two- and Four-year Institutions Choose TFS

Some of the Success-Oriented Institutions Choosing TFS to Support Their Faculty

TFS is all about student success and assisting faculty to boost learning and completion.

So What Does TFS Do? TFS e-Mentor Helps Instructors to Quickly: