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The New Teaching For Success e-Mentor Program

TFS develops instructors who desire to move from just conducting classes
to teaching for success

If you are an instructor, adjunct, or full-time faculty member desiring to grow your instructional skills, Click here for very low-cost individual subscription details at iTeachForSuccess.com

College developers, click below for a quick overview:

John H. Shrawder Introduces the TFS Program


Teaching Success Factor Wheel

John H. Shrawder, Executive Director and founder of Teaching For Success,
introduces the new Teaching For Success, e-Mentor Program

With a TFS Adjunct e-Mentor Program faculty can
develop professionally, grow personally, and achieve with increased

clarity, competency, and confidence.

Three Steps to Greater Faculty and Student Success

1. Click to learn more e-Mentor Program details.

2. Click to Download the Subscription and Rate Form,

3. Order now and provide your faculty with the TFS e-Mentor Program User's Guide




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