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TFS—A New Faculty Development Approach

Teaching Success Factors

Master Teaching Success Factors
for improved teaching clarity, competence,
and confidence, and to boost student retention
and completion rates.

The TFS 3-Element Adjunct Faculty Development Program

  1. e-Library. Access to The comprehensive TFS Teaching e-Library of teaching betterment strategies, principles, recommendations.
  2. Weekly Tips. A Weekly Instructional Improvement Tip
  3. Network Discussions. Support 24-7 from the TFS Social Media Support Group

Key Outcomes

  • Advance instructional competence via mastery of the six Critical Success Factors of good teaching
  • Join the TFS Social Network where faculty-to-faculty help and assistance with everyday teaching challenges are available 24-7
  • Weekly Teaching Improvement Tip delivered automatically and directly to instructors preferred email.
  • Faculty find solutions to teaching challenges through unlimited access to a 1000 plus-page e-Library of success ideas, principles, suggestions and recommendations

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